US Steel Irvin/Clairton/E.T. Works
MAE Power Plant - Council Bluffs, IA
#7/B Coke Battery Refractory

s Creation/Maintenance of Project Schedules/Cost Control Systems

s US Steel / S/D Engineers, Inc.

s Multiple Facility Capital Improvement Projects

                 -  Temper Mill Drive/Controls Upgrade:  $7M

                 -  X-Ray Profile Gauge Installation:  $3M

                 -  Coke Management System Installation:  $3M

                 -  Hot Strip Mill Fire Protection Upgrade:  $2.2M

                 -  Pickling Waste Acid Tank Replacement:  $2M

                 -  Grinder Rebuild/Replacement:  $2.4M

                 -  Steam Reliability System:  $1.3M

                 -  Spill Prevention Control and Containment:  $800K

                 -  Security System/Fencing Installation:  $320K

s Project Scheduling /Management Oversight

s Navigant Consulting, Inc.

s $375M

s Creation/Maintenance of Project Schedule

s FURNCO - Vesuvius, USA

s $18M

Construction Performance Management, LLC


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